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Steve Hogan

~Bass & Vocals


Growing up in Missouri, Steve discovered his passion for music at a young age playing saxophone in school bands and singing in the junior choir at church. In his early teens, he formed his first rock band playing bass and singing through high school and college. He swears he’s played for every senior prom in Missouri with more band names then one can remember.


During this time he also played sax in high school and college jazz bands. In the mid-70s, Steve followed his musical dreams to Los Angeles, where he enjoyed the LA music scene until an agency booked the band playing 6 nights a week all over North America. Growing tired of life on the road, Steve came home and joined Raven, a very popular mid-Missouri band in the early 80’s.


Since then Steve has enjoyed a successful professional career and family life. In 2003, with his children getting older, he returned to playing music, forming the first edition of The Misledd Band.  While there have been several line ups with many good musicians since, Steve says that this is the most complete one yet. He particularly enjoys the role of providing the bottom end of the music on bass while singing the melodies whether lead or harmonies. At the end of the day it’s about the music.

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