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Mike Palmer

Lead Vocals & Keys

Vocalist/keyboardist Michael Palmer is the latest addition to the TMB family. Rob brought Mike into the fold to take over lead vocal duties after Mike recruited Rob to help his band Crooked Cane with lead guitars on their most recent recording project. Mike caught the music bug early in life, playing in school bands and singing in church. He pursued a degree in music education before joining a touring rock act in Texas in 1980. Mike was a versatile player who lent his talents on vocals and multiple instruments to several bands over the next two decades. His most successful work during that time was with the band Bazooka Joe/Speedwing, with whom he released three EPs in the 1990s and co-wrote a song that reached the top 5 on the Southern Rock charts in 1996. 

Mike stepped away from his musical pursuits at the turn of the millenium, to pursue a career as a clinical psychologist. That journey led him to the Truman VA Medical Center in Columbia, MO, where he met several co-workers who were playing music in their off hours. Those collaborations resulted in Mike and others putting the Crooked Cane band together and releasing an album in 2018. Mike also met Rob there, who was working with Truman’s R&D department and shredding with TMB on the weekends. 

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