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Fabian "Fabez" Carbone

Drums & Vocals


Born and raised in Southern California, Fabez began playing drums at the age of 8. Fabian spent most of the 80’s on the Sunset Strip taking in the music scene.


Heavily influenced by the hard hitting rock drummers of that time, like Tommy Lee, he tried his sticks with a few garage bands and headed out to play gigs at places like the world famous Whiskey a GoGo, The Roxy, and the since defunct Gazzarri’s On the Sunset Strip. After a cross country tour and years of working with and being in bands, Fabez  hung up the sticks for close to 5 years. In 2000 he joined Spirit Theory with a close friend and jumped back into the LA music scene, playing coffee shops and clubs...their music was featured on various TV shows.  


In 2004, the Spirit Theory went their separate ways and the following year, Fabez moved to Mid-Missouri with his family.  Ten years later, Fabez heard that old familiar sound of the stage calling.  Thankfully, he answered that call to become "MisLedd".

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